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Lifeline Rapid Impact
Assessment System

Developed in response to the highly respected Department of Transport Resilience Review

Restoring community lifelines

Stormchain represents the state-of-the-art in terms of highway-asset Rapid Impact Assessment (RIA).
The system is specifically designed to meet the need of highway operators, to swiftly gain a consistent understanding of the impact of incidents and emergencies on their networks.
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Whether caused by a natural hazard (e.g., floods, storms, wildfire, drought), an accident, or a malicious act, Stormchain provides the new level of situational awareness that is so vital for understanding an event’s implications for network management and lifeline connectivity.

Stormchain delivers highway-asset Rapid Impact Assessment following any type of hazard or threat event

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Dr Hugh Deeming discusses his DfT commissioned Lessons from Extreme Weather Events review, which identified the need for Rapid Impact Assessment and led directly to the development of Stormchain

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The tried and tested state-of-the-art Community Lifeline Impact Assessment

In agreement with the FEMA ‘Community Lifelines’ concept we know our roads don’t just connect people and places, they host, carry, or connect all our communities’ vital services (e.g., gas, electricity, fibre). Our highway network is the lifeline of our communities.
Stormchain recognises the fundamental importance of our highway network and assets, by creating ‘one-truth’ shared situational awareness of impacts on your lifeline networks.

"Rapid Impact Assessment will be key to providing a single version of the truth and enable clear and consistent intelligence across our infrastructure assets and local networks when they are being pushed to the limit by a range of incidents – some that may be life threatening."
2019 Mr Steve Berry OBE, Department for Transport (DfT) - proponent, advocate and resilience champion
“Stormchain gives us the ability to survey, assess, prioritise and archive information in a matter of minutes and hours what took us days and weeks during the devastating floods”
Carl Skelton C.Eng F.I.H.E., Acting Local Authority Director, East Riding of Yorkshire Council
“[Stormchain is] a huge step forward from the "making it up in the thick of it" that we've all had to do before and the level of automation through from the individual assets to the authority sit rep is fantastic. Reflecting on those events [during Storm Desmond] had we been in a position to have a tool like this, that the guys on the front-line and those in silver had understood and been familiar with ....well, Wow, life would certainly have been much better.”
Stephen Hall then Assistant Director of Transport and Fleet, Cumbria County Council
“As Exercise Director for FloodEx22 I am delighted to note how successful Stormchain was during the exercise, offering a step change in the management of highways incidents. Having spoken to colleagues since the exercise I noted that the capability met their needs, and they are keen to progress the roll-out of the programme.”
LtCol Andy McCombe RA

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