Why use Stormchain?

Stormchain represents a lesson learned from the UK highway sector’s experience of extreme weather events


Stormchain was conceived following three devastating storms striking the UK – Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank. The subsequent National Debrief found a serious void – the absence of a consistent process for carrying out the Rapid Impact Assessment (RIA) of highway assets.
Well-intentioned but ad hoc and local approaches failed to accurately capture highway assets that were starting to fail, and/or the consequent impacts on ‘lifeline’ infrastructure including gas, fibre, and power.
Whether that was a local authority needing to manage access to communities isolated by the failure of critical local assets, or nationally with Ministers unable to understand relative damage across the nation, this lack of consistency was found to have hindered effective response.
Stormchain was devised with and by those councils most experienced in responding to these emergencies and provides the state-of-the-art answer to this lack of consistency.

community lifelines

In Stormchain, Impact = Damage x Consequences
This means that Stormchain directly informs, not just the nature of asset damage, but it accounts for the consequences of that damaged asset on the affected community.
Stormchain, therefore, uniquely underpins both your operations managers’ risk-based asset management activities and the strategic recovery approaches led by Heads of Service.
Automatically generating a ‘one truth’ dataset for your Operations and Communications teams, Stormchain creates a transformational interface between the highway operations, the emergency coordination groups and into DfT and DLHUC. Live-data streaming to local partner agencies, Members and Whitehall teams, supports defensible decision making and swift and effective prioritization, stabilisation, and restoration of your key assets.

Why you need it

  • Stormchain is the state-of-the-art solution that provides responders with unparalleled situational awareness of highway impacts.
  • Stormchain’s embedded technology offers unique interoperability and “when I know, you know” reporting during emergencies for highway operators and their partner agencies.
  • Stormchain’s Situation Reports provide time-stamped information directly tailored for your defined audiences, delivering consistent highway-impacts reporting at local and national levels.
  • Stormchain supports the easy auditing of event-related data to inform response and recovery grant applications.

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